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Church of Jerusalem

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#The Monastery of St. [[Euthymius the Great|Eythymios]] the Great (Khan-Ahmar)
There are a total of 25 monasteries within the city of Jerusalem:
#The Holy Monastery of Abraam, a dependency of the Holy Sepulchre
#The Holy Monastery of St. [[Charalampus|Haralampus]]
#The Holy Monastery of St. Onouphrious
#The Holy Monastery of St. Sion, also the Patriarchal Theological college
#The Holy Monastery of St. StephanosStephen#The Holy Monastery of St. PanteleimonosPanteleimon#The Holy Monastery of the RessurectionResurrection
#The Holy Monastery of St. Modestos
#The Holy Monastery of the Great Panagia (female)
#The Holy Monastery of Panagia "Seidanagias"
There are two churches in Jerusalem, the Church of St. Demetrios and the Church of St. TheklasThekla. There is also the cathedric Church cathedral church of St. Iakovos James the "Adelfotheou" (Brother of the Lord) , which also has two chapels dedicated to the Myrofores (Myrrh-bearers) and the Forty Holy 40 Martyrs of Jerusalem. The chapel of the Forty Holy 40 Martyrs holds the relics of all the Patriarchs patriarchs of Jerusalem.
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*The Holy Monastery of St. Theodosios (Nder Impn, Ambet - Bethlehem) - Archimandrite Theodosios died 105 years old [[January 11]], 532 AD. --->
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