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Anastasius of Sinai (disambiguation)

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There are two saints called '''Anastasius the Sinaite''' or '''Anastasius of Sinai''' (also ''Anastasios''). They are both commemorated on [[April 20]].
*St. '''[[Anastasius I of Antioch]]''' (d. 598), also called "the Sinaite," was bishop of Antioch, exiled, then restored to his see in 593 by St. Gregory the Great.*St. '''[[Anastasius of Sinai]]''' (d. 698), or "the Sinaite," was a writer opposing heresies who also served as the abbot at the monstery of Mount Sinai in the 7th century. He is considered one of the Greek Fathers of the Church. ==External link==*[ Anastasius] from the ''New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Vol. I: Aachen - Basilians'' at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library
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