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John (disambiguation)

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{{cleanup}}The name '''''John'''' masc. proper name, c.1160, from Gk. ''Ioannes'', from Heb. ''Yohanan'' (in full y'hohanan) lit. "Jehovah has favored," from hanan "he was gracious." <ref> OrthodoxWiki Note: God is Gracious" </ref> As the name may refer to any of [[John the Baptist]] and [[John the Evangelist]], it is one of the most common Christian given names.following saints:
== Saints ==*'''[[Apostle John]] the Evangelist and Theologian''''' refers to the following [[saints]]:=== January ===
*'''[[John the Forerunner]]''' ([[January 7]])
::*'''[[February 24John Chrysostom]] - First and Second discoveries of the head.'''::[[May 25]] - *'''[[Third Finding of the Head of St. John the ForerunnerClimacus]]'''::*'''[[June 24]] - The Birth of St. John.::[[July 23]] - Synaxis of the Baptist, Gr. Σύναξις.::[[August 29]] - The Beheading of St. John, Gr. Απότομη Τιμ. Κεφαλής.::[[September 23]] - The Conception, Gr. Σύλληψις.::[[October 12Damascus]] - (Russian), transfer of hand to Gatchina'''
*John Calabytes, Gr. Καλυβίτης, "the Hut-dweller", ([[January 15]]);
*John the Martyr ([[January 22]]);
*John ([[January 26]]);
*John the Unmercenary ([[January 31]]), see also St. Cyrus.
=== February ===
*John the New-Martyr ([[February 3]]);
*John, Bishop of Irinoupolis ([[February 4]]);
*John (B) ([[February 6]]);
*John of Thessaloniki, the New-Martyr ([[February 15]]);
*St. '''John III [[John Scholasticus|Scholasticus]]''', Patriarch of Constantinople ([[February 21]])*St. John ([[February 23]]);*St. John the "Kalfas", Gr. ο Κάλφας ([[February 26]])===March===
*[[John (Beverley) of England]] ([[March 7]])
*'''[[John Climacus]]''' ([[March 30]]), author of "the Ladder" or "Climacus"*[[John the Silent]], Bishop of Colonia ([[March 30]]), also known as '''Hesychastes'''===April===
*John the "Koulikas", Gr. ο Κουλικάς, New-Martyr ([[April 8]]);
*John the "Nafkliros", Gr. Ναύκληρος ([[April 8]]);
*John the Virgin-Martyr ([[April 12]]);
*'''[[John of Vilna]]''' ([[April 14]]), Russian
*John the Martyr ([[April 14]]);
*John of Ioannina, New-Martyr ([[April 18]]);
*John of Serbia ([[April 26]]);
*John the Confessor, Gr. ο Ομολογητής ([[April 27]]);
*John, Metropolitan of Thebes, Gr. Θηβών ([[April 29]])===May===*'''[[Apostle John]]''' ([[May 8]]), also known as St. '''John the Theologian''':::[[February 15]] - Synaxis.::[[July 10]] - Synaxis.::[[September 26]] - Repose, Gr. Μετάστασις.===June===*'''[[John the New of Suceava]]''' ([[June 2]] and [[June 24]])
*John martyr of the Boxer-Rising, see Metrophanes Chi Sung ([[June 11]]);
*John the Soldier of Egypt ([[June 12]]);
*John, Bishop of Zihnon, Gr. Ζιχνών, ([[December 12]]), also known as Ioachim;
*John Θ', Patriarch of Constantinople ([[July 18]]), see also St. Stephanos. ===July===;
*John the Russian Fool-for-Christ ([[July 3]]);
*John, Metropolitan of Chalcedon ([[July 18]]);
*John the Martyr ([[July 29]]);
*John the Soldier ([[July 29]])
*John, Bishop of Ephesus ([[August 3]]);
*John, Bishop of Ephesus, the New ([[August 3]]);
*John the Martyr ([[August 26]]);
*John, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[August 30]])
*John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[September 2]])
*'''[[John the Hairy]]''' ([[September 3]])
*John of Crete, the New-martyr ([[September 15]])
*John the Confessor of Egypt ([[September 20]]), beheaded in Palestine, and with him 40 martyrs
*John the God-bearer, Gr. Θεοφόρος ([[September 20]])
*John the Virgin Martyr ([[September 22]])
*John the Chanter ([[October 1]])
*'''[[John of Rila]]''' the Miracle-worker ([[October 19]])===November===*'''[[John Chrysostom]]''' ([[November 13]]), Archbishop of Constantinople, also known as '''John of Antioch'''::[[September 14]]::[[January 27]] - Relics.::[[January 30]] - Celebration of the Three Hierarchs*'''[[John the Merciful]]''' ([[November 12]])===December===
*John the Hermit ([[December 2]]);
*John, Bishop of Kolonias, Gr. Κολωνίας, ([[December 3]]);
*'''[[John of Damascus]]''' ([[December 4]])
*John, Bishop of Polivotou, Gr. Πολυβότου ([[December 4]]);
*John the Faster (Russian) ([[December 7]]);
*'''[[John of Kronstadt]]''' ([[December 20]]), Russian
*John the ράφτης, New-Martyr ([[December 20]])
*'''[[John Climacus]]''' (fourth Sunday of Great Lent), author of "the Ladder" or "Climacus"
*John of Athens, (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)
*John the Virgin Martyr, (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου) and [[January 14]])
*John the Kilikianos, Gr. ο Κιλικιανός (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)
*John the Sabbaitis, Gr. ο Σαββαΐτης (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)
===No commemoration===
*John De Montfort, no commemoration.
== Artworks ==''John'' may also refer to any of the following Scriptural books:* The '''[[Gospel of John]], 1 '''*[[I John, 2 ]]*[[II John, 3 ]]*[[III John - books of the biblical New Testament]]  
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