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[[Image:Pantokrator_of_Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]</divbr><br>[[MartyrFile:Menologion of Basil 017.jpg|100px|Martyrs Agapius, Atticus, Carterius, Styriacus (Styrax, Istucarius), Tobias (Pactobius), Eudoxius, Nictopolion, and Companions.]]s </div>The Holy Senators of Sebasteia, martyrs of senatorial rank, under Licinius, by fire (ca.315); Martyrs Eudoxios, Agapios, and eight others with them, soldiers from Sebasteia, under Licinius (ca.315); Women-Martyrs Kyriaki (Cyriaca), Domnina and Domna, by the sword; Martyrs Acindynus (Akindynos), PegasiosPegasius, ApthoniosAphthonius, ElpidophorosElpidophorus, Anempodistus, and Anempodistos those with them, of Persia(341); [[Saint]] Holy 7,000 Martyrs who suffered in Persia, during the reign of King Sapor II (310-381); St. Marcian of Cyprus<!-- Cyrrhus? oca, in Syria, monk (ca. 388); Saint Justus of Trieste, sentenced to death by drowning (293); Martyrs Publius, Victor, Hermes and Papias, in North Africa; Saint Victorinus of Pettau, Bishop of Pettau in Styria in Austria and the earliest exegete in the West (304); Saint Erc of Slane, Bishop of Slane, Ireland (512); Saint Ambrose, abbot of the monastery of St. Moritz in Agaunum in Switzerland (532 or 582); Saint George of Vienne, Bishop of Vienne in Gaul ( --->699); Saints Baya (Bava) and Maura, Anchoresses in Scotland (ca. 10th c.); Saint Amicus, a priest, then hermit, finally a monk at St Peter's in Fonte Avellana (ca.1045); Blessed Cyprian of Storozhev, former outlaw (OlonetskOlonets) (16th c.); [[New-Martyr]]s [[Hieromartyrs Bishop]] Victorin Victorinus, and [[Priest]] Basil (Luzgin) of LuzginGlazomicha (1918); Women-Martyrs KyriakiNew Hieromartyrs Ananias (Aristov) of Perm, Domninaand Constantine (Organov), and DomnaPriests (1918); martyrs '''Other Commemorations''': Ozerianka Icon of senatorial rank beheaded under Marcus Aurelius; Saint Rumwold, infant, God of Buckingham; Martyrs Eudoxios, Agapios, and eight othersShui-Smolensk (Shuiskaya-Smolensk) (1654-1655); translation of the [[relics]] of Saint Ebba I of Coldingham(Æbbe of Coldingham). <noinclude>[[Category: Calendar day templates|November 02]]</noinclude>

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