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[[Image:John the Theologian.jpg|100px|Evangelist John the Theologian]]
</div>Holy [[Apostle]] and [[Evangelist]] [[Apostle John|John the Theologian]]; [[Venerable]] [[Arsenius the Great]]; [[Saint]] Arsenius of Novgorod, [[Fool-for-Christ]]; Venerable Pimen the [[Ascetic]] of the Kiev Far Caves; Saint Arsenius the Lover of labor, of the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Caves]]; Saint Hierax (Ierakos) of Egypt; Saint Milles the Melode, [[monk]]; [[Hieromartyr]] Indract and companions, at Shapwick; Saint Wiro, [[Bishop]] of Utrecht; Saint Odger, [[Hierodeacon]], of Odilienberg; Saint Macarius, [[Archbishop]] of Ghent; Martyr Victor of Milan; commemoration of the miraculous healing of blinded Stephen by the [[Theotokos]] of Cassiopia; repose of Schemahieromonk [[Michael of Valaam]], confessor for the Orthodox [[Calendar]], and Blessed Basiliscus of Uglich
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