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[[Image:Pantokrator of Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]
</div>[[Saint]] [[Nicephorus I of Constantinople|Nikephoros]] the [[Confessor]], [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople; Great-[[Martyr]] [[John the New of Suceava|John the New of Sochi]], who suffered at Belgrade, also called John of Asprokastron ("Cetatea Albă" or "White Fortress"); New-Martyr Demetrius of Philadelphia; [[Hieromartyr]] Photinus (Pothimus), [[Bishop]] of Lyons, and his companion Martyr Blandina; New-Martyr Constantine of the Hagarenes ([[Mount Athos]]); Hieromartyr Erasmus of Ochrid, who reposed in peace, and 8,000 martyrs with him; New-Martyr John of Trebizond; New-Martyr John, Confessor of Suceava; Saint Dodo of the St. David Gareji [[Monastery]], Georgia; [[Venerable]] Barlaam of Khutin; Saint Oda, [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]; Martyrs Markellinos the [[Presbyter]] and Peter the [[Exorcist]], of Rome; glorification of the [[venerable]] parents of Saint Nino, [[Enlightener]] of Georgia: Zebulon and Susanna; uncovering of the [[relics]] of the Venerable Juliana, Princess of Vyazma
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