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[[Image:Pantokrator of Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]
</div>[[Martyr]]s Manuel, Sabel (Savel), and Ismael (Ishmael) of Persia; [[Hieromartyr]] Philoneides, [[Bishop]] of Kurion in Cyprus; [[Saint]]s Joseph and Pior, [[disciple]]s of Saint Anthony the Great; the Alfanov brothers (see [[May 4]]); Saint Ananias the [[Iconographer]] of Novgorod; Martyr Isaurus, and with him Basil, Innocent, Felix, Hermes, and Peregrinus, of Athens; Saint Botolph, [[Abbot]] of the [[Monastery]] of Ikanhoe, and his brother Adulph; Martyr Nectan of Hartland; Martyr Shalva of Akhaltsikhe; Saint Ypatios of Roufiana; Saint Moling, Bishop of Ferns
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