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[[Image:Theophany.jpg|100px|The Baptism of Christ]]
</div>[[Forefeast]] of the [[Theophany]] of Our Lord and Savior [[Jesus|Jesus Christ]]; [[Synaxis]] of the 70 Holy [[Apostles]]; [[Righteous]] Theoctistus, abbot at Cucomo in Sicily; [[Martyr]]s Zosimas the [[Hermit]] and Athanasius the Notary, [[anchorite]]s of Cilicia; Righteous Apollinaria the Senator; Martyrs Chrysanthus and Euphemia; Righteous Euthymius the Younger; [[New-Martyr]] Onuphrius Manassias of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Chilandar Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]]; Martyrs [[Abbot]] Euthymius and twelve [[monk]]s of [[Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)|Vatopedi]]; Righteous John Scholarius; Saint Eustathius, first [[Archbishop]] of Serbia; Saint Aquila, [[deacon]] of the [[Kiev Caves]]; Saint Gregory of Langres (Gaul); Martyrs Evargresi and Ilia of the Shio-Mgvime [[Monastery]]. '''Other events:''' repose of Symeon, [[Metropolitan]] of Smolensk
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