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[[Image:Theotokos of VladimirJoachimanna.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady Theotokosand Righteous Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna]]</div>'''Feasts''':The [[Conception of the Theotokos|Conception]] by Saint [[Joachim and Anna|Anna]] of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]]; '''Saints''':[[Prophet]]ess Anna (Hannah), mother of [[Prophet]] [[Samuel]](ca.1100 BC); Saint Vassa (Bassa), [[w:Patrician (post-Roman Europe)|Patrician]] and [[SaintIgumen]]ia of a female monastery in Jerusalem, where she also founded the Monastery of St [[Menas of Egypt|Menas]], whose Abbot was the Bishop Stephanos of Jamnia;[[Martyr]] Easios, tortured and beheaded (ca.284-305);Martyr Isaac;Martyr Nerses of Persia, by the sword;Martyr Sositheus of Persia, by the sword (553);Saint Sophronius the Archbishop of Cyprus (6th c.)Saint Stephen the "“the New Light" Light” of Constantinople(912); Saint SophroniusSyrus of Pavia, first Bishop and main patron-saint of Pavia in Italy (ca. 1st c.);[[ArchbishopVirgin-martyr]] Valerie of Limoges (Valeria of Aquitaine), converted by St Martial of CyprusLimoges and beheaded (1st or 3rd c.);Virgin-martyr Leocadia (Locaie), in Toledo, Spain (ca.303);Saint Proculus of Verona, Bishop of Verona, a confessor during the persecution of Diocletian, reposed in peace (ca.320);Martyrs Peter, Successus, Bassian, Primitivus and 20 other Companions, in North Africa;Saint Cyprian, a monk at Périgueux in France, who ended his life as a hermit on the banks of the Dordogne (586);Saint Restitutus, Bishop of Carthage in North Africa and Martyr;Saint Balda, third Abbess of [[w:Jouarre Abbey|Jouarre]] in France (7th c.); Saint Budoc (Budeaux), born in Brittany, became Abbot of [[w:Youghal Priory|Youghal]] in Ireland, then [[Martyrw:Ancient Diocese of Dol|Bishop of Dol]] Sositheusin Brittany (7th c.?); Martyr Narses Saint Ethelgiva (Æthelgifu), the daughter of King [[Alfred the Great]], became first Abbess of Persia[[w:Shaftesbury Abbey|Shaftesbury]] (896);Saint Wolfeius, a [[hermit]] at [[w:St Benet's Abbey|St Benet Hulme]] in Norfolk in England (ca. 1000); Martyr IsaacSaint Enguerrammus (Angilram) 'the Wise', monk and Abbot of [[w:Saint-Riquier#Abbey|Saint Riquier]] in France (1045); [[Hieromonk]] Anthymus, the [[Mount Athos|Athonite]] , "[[Fool-for-Christ]]";New Hieromartyr Vladimir, priest (1919);New Hieromartyr Vladimir, priest and [[Virgin-martyr]] Ephrosia (1920);New Hieromartyrs Protopresbyter Basil Yagodin, and priest Alexander Buravtsev (1937);New Martyr Priest Sergius Mechiev of Moscow (1941); [[New-Martyr]] [[Archpriest]] Paul Levashov of Gomel; '''Other Commemorations''':Commemoration of the Founding of the Church of the Resurrection at Jerusalem (335);Repose of Archimandrite Theodosius of Tismana and Sophroniev Monasteries, fellow-struggler of St. Paisius Velichkovsky (1802);Repose of Elder Anthimus the Bulgarian on Mt. Athos (1867);[[Icon]] of the Most Holy Theotokos "Unexpected Joy". <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|December 09]]</noinclude>

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