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John (disambiguation)

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*St. [[John the New of Suceava]] ([[June 2]] and [[June 24]])
*St. [[John the Silent]]
-----===January===St. John Calabytes, Gr. Καλυβίτης, "the Hut-dweller", ([[January 15]]);St. John the Martyr ([[January 22]]);St. John ([[January 26]]);St. John the Unmercenary ([[January 31]]), see also St. Cyrus.-----===February===St. John the New-Martyr ([[February 3]]);St. John, Bishop of Irinoupolis ([[February 4]]);St. John (A) ([[February 6]]);St. John (B) ([[February 6]]);St. John of Thessaloniki, the New-Martyr ([[February 15]]);St. John III, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[February 21]]);St. John ([[February 23]]);St. John the "Kalfas", Gr. ο Κάλφας ([[February 26]])-----===April===St. John the "Koulikas", Gr. ο Κουλικάς, New-Martyr ([[April 8]]);St. John the "Nafkliros", Gr. Ναύκληρος ([[April 8]]);St. John the Virgin-Martyr ([[April 12]]);St. John the Martyr ([[April 14]]);St. John of Ioannina, New-Martyr ([[April 18]]);St. John the Old-Lavritis, Gr. ο Παλαιολαυρίτης ([[April 20]]);St. John of Serbia ([[April 26]]);St. John the Confessor, Gr. ο Ομολογητής ([[April 27]]);St. John, Metropolitan of Thebes, Gr. Θηβών ([[April 29]])-----===June===St John martyr of the Boxer-Rising, see Metrophanes Chi Sung ([[June 11]]);St. John the Soldier of Egypt ([[June 12]]);St. John, Bishop of Zihnon, Gr. Ζιχνών, ([[December 12]]), also known as Ioachim;St. John Θ', Patriarch of Constantinople ([[July 18]]), see also St. Stephanos. -----===July===St. John the Russian Fool-for-Christ ([[July 3]]);St. John, Metropolitan of Chalcedon ([[July 18]]);St. John of Kiev, the long suffering (Russian) ([[July 18]]);St. John ([[July 21]]);St. John the Martyr ([[July 29]]);St. John the Soldier ([[July 29]])-----===August===St. John, Bishop of Ephesus ([[August 3]]);St. John, Bishop of Ephesus, the New ([[August 3]]);St. John the Confessor, Gr. ο Ομολογητής ([[August 3]]);St. John the Martyr ([[August 9]]);St. John, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[August 18]]);St. John the Karpathios, Gr. ο Καρπάθιος ([[August 25]]);St. John, Archbishop of Constantinople ([[August 25]]);St. John the Martyr ([[August 26]]);St. John, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[August 30]])-----===December===St. John the Hermit ([[December 2]]);St. John, Bishop of Kolonias, Gr. Κολωνίας, ([[December 3]]);St. John, Bishop of Polivotou, Gr. Πολυβότου ([[December 4]]);St. John of Damascus ([[December 4]]);St. John the Faster (Russian) ([[December 7]]);St. John of Kronotandis (Russia), Gr. Κρονοτάνδης ([[December 20]]);St. John the ράφτης, New-Martyr ([[December 20]])-----===Uncommon===
Not so common saints (not yet listed on OW):
*St. [[John (Beverley) of England]] ([[March 7]])
*St. [[John the Chinese]] ([[June 11]]), see the Bio of St. Mitrof Tsi
*St. John De Montfort, no commemoration.

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