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[[User:Cebactokpatop|Cebactokpatop]] 10:25, March 5, 2008 (PST)
==Holy Sepulchre==
Hmm, you're right about the spelling of Sepulchre. That was bothering me throughout, but I didn't want to change the title of the article. Do you think it should be Americanized?
As for what I did changed, there were a number of verbs in the history section of the article in the present tense (that were about past events). So that's what I meant by present to past tense in history. I stopped after the history section (except for changing annointed to anointed in the next paragraph), so that's why you don't see changes throughout. Oh, and I also messed with what I thought was awkward wording once or twice. Please change anything you think needs undoing.
Thanks for the kind words about my editing. I really need to start getting back on more. Honestly, I just don't have the free time that I did in college. Plus, my job requires me to sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day, so when I get home I sometimes just want to get away from these machines! [[User:Gabriela|Gabriela]] 19:01, March 22, 2008 (PDT)

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