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Apostle Quadratus

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The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Quadratus''' (or ''Codratus'') of the [[Apostles#The_Seventy|Seventy]] was [[Bishop]] of [[Church of Greece|Athens]] and a [[disciple ]] of the Apostles. He is commemorated by the Church on [[September 21]] and on [[January 4]] with the Seventy.
St. Quadratus preached at Athens and at Magnesia, an eastern peninsula of Thessaly. He [[conversion|converted ]] many pagans to ChristanityChristianity. Manny heated Many hated him for this, and pelted the [[saint ]] with stones. Preserved by God, St . Quadratus remained alive, but was imprisoned, and died of starvation. His holy body was buried in Magnesia.
St . Quadratus is known for an ''Apologia '' in defense of Christianity of witch which only a fragment remains. The ''Apologia '' affected the persecution of Christians, since the emperor Emperor Hadrian (117-138) issued a decree saying that no one should be convicted without just cause.
[[Troparion]] ([[Tone]] 3) [] 
:O Holy Apostle Quadratus
:Pray to our merciful God
:That He may grant to our souls
:Remission of our transgressions.
==External link==
* [ Apostle Quadratus of the Seventy] – [[OCA]] website
*[ The Prologue from Ohrid]
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*[ Apostle Quadratus of the Seventy] ([[OCA]])
*[ The Holy Apostle Quadratus] (''[[Prologue from Ohrid]]'')
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