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Panagia Spiliani

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[[Image:Panagia_Spiliani.jpg|thumb|right|the icon of the '''Virgin of the Caves''' (Samos)]]There exist two places dedicated to the icon of '''Panagia Spiliani''', or the ''''Virgin of the Caves''''.
==Panagia Spiliani (Samos, Greece)==
[[Image:Panagia_Spiliani.jpg|thumb|right|the icon of the '''Virgin of the Caves''' (Samos)]]
A little to the northwest of ''Pythagorion'' on the island of Samos inside a big cave you will find the Holy '''Monastery of Panagia Spilianis''' (the Cave of the Virgin Mary) devoted to the presentation of the Virgin Mary. Inside this cave there is a church with a very faded marble [[icon]] of the Virgin Mary ('''the Spiliotisa''') and also Holy Water. This monastery is also known as '''Kaliarmenissa''' and is a dependency of the Hozeviotissa monastery of Amorgos.

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