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Talk:Metropolis of Lankadas

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*Langadas (5,870)
Is there a metropolis webpage? —[[User:Magda|<b>magda</b>]] ([[User_talk:Magda|talk]]) 12:45, March 7, 2008 (PST)
:In this case I used the existing spelling provided from the original list in the Church of Greece article. There is no official web page for this Metropolis but the Greek spelling is ... Λαγκαδά "Lakada" is the closest and most technically correct translation I would think so I didnt consider changing it from Lagkada because for me it seemed to be correct. Other thoughts are welcome.
:Another comment I want to make is that there ARE differences between the official websites and the Orthodox Research Institute so the information could be incorrect by either party and in most cases I try to refer to a third source to validify which of the two is closer to the most current truth. [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 14:58, March 9, 2008 (PDT)

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