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Table of oblation

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The '''Table of oblation''', ('''Table of preparation''', or '''Prothesis''') is a table in the in the [[Altar|alter altar area]] of the church building which is used for the preparation of the bread and wine used at the [[liturgy]]. It is to the left of the alter altar table, usually in the northeast corner, and illuminated by a single candle. It is usually similar the altar table in style, and decorated with the same color cloths.
On this table the [[chalice]], [[diskos]], a [[Spear|liturgical knife]], and [[spoon]] are kept. A sponge and cloths for drying the chalice after the liturgy are also kept here also. There are also [[Aer|special covers]] for the chalice and diskos and the [[Asterisk|star]] which holds the cover over the bread on the diskos.
Lists of names use used at the [[Proskomediaproskomedia]], and sometimes [[Iconsicons]] are on the table, or on the wall behind the table. ==External link==*[ Oblation Table] - The Orthodox Faith by V. Rev. [[Thomas Hopko]]
==External links==
*[ Oblation Table] from ''The Orthodox Faith'' by V. Rev. [[Thomas Hopko]]
*[ The Office of Oblation (Proskomide)] by Fr. George C. Papademetriou
*[[w:Prothesis (altar)|''Prothesis (altar)'' at Wikipedia]]
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