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Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh

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His Eminence Metropolitan '''Anthony Bloom''' (1914 - [[August 4]] 2003) was [[bishop]] of the [[diocese]] of '''Sourozh''', the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in Great Britain and Ireland.
He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He spent his early childhood in Russia and Persia, his father being a member of the Russian Imperial Diplomatic Corps. His mother was the sister of Alexander Scriabin, the composer. During the [[Bolshevik Revolution]] the family had to leave Persia, and in 1923 they settled in Paris where the future metropolitan was educated, graduating in physics, chemistry and biology, and taking his doctorate in medicine, at the University of Paris.
In 1939, before leaving for the front as a surgeon in the French army, he secretly professed [[Monasticism|monastic]] vows in the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]]. He was [[tonsure]]d and received the name of Anthony in 1943. During the occupation of France by the Germans he worked as a doctor and took part in the French Resistance After the war he continued practising as a physician until 1948, when he was ordained to the priesthood and sent to England to serve as Orthodox Chaplain of the [[Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius]]. He was appointed vicar of the Russian patriarchal parish in London in 1950, consecrated as Bishop in 1957 and Archbishop in 1962, in charge of the [[Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland]] (the Diocese of Sourozh). In 1963 he was appointed [[Exarch]] of the Moscow Patriarchate in Western Europe, and in 1966 was raised to the rank of [[Metropolitan]]. At his own request he was released in 1974 from the function of Exarch, in order to devote himself more fully to the pastoral needs of the growing flock of his diocese and all who come to him seeking advice and help.
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