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Metropolis of Attica

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The '''Metropolis of Attica''' is part a former metropolis under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Greece]] . In 2010, the metropolis was abolished and is divided into eleven regions with a total two metropolises, [[Metropolis of 106 parish churchesKifissia, 50 chapelsAmaroussion and Oropos]] and [[Metropolis of Ilion, 160 country chapels, 40 private chapels, 12 monastery churches Acharnes and Petroupolis]]. It was originally part of the Metropolis of Attica and 7 metochiaMegaridos.
==History==The Metropolis of Attica was established as the Metropolis of Attica and Megaridos in 1936. In 1968, Abp. [[Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America|Demitrios (Trakatellis)]], now Archbishop of America, was elected Metropolitan of Attica==and Megaridos, but refused the election because a military junta was ruling Greece at that time. In 1974, the Metropolis was divided into three metropolises of which one was designated the Metropolis of Attica with its [[see]] in Kifissia. The others were the [[Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki]] with its see in Spata and the [[Metropolis of Megara and Salamis]] with its see in Megara.
==Regions==1In 2004, the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Greece appointed Metr.Metropolitan Region [[Nicholas (Hatzinikolaou) of Mesogaia|Nicholas]] of Mesogaias and Lavreotiki as [[vicar]] of the Metropolis of Kifissia. Archim.Ierotheos Kalogeropoulos, tel.:210-8011 133 Attica
2On [[February 16]], 2010, following a decision of the [[Holy Synod]], the Metropolis of Attica was abolished.Metropolitan Region The territory of Ekalithe former metropolis was divided into two new metropolises, the Metropolis of Kifissia, Amaroussion and Oropos and the Metropolis of Ilion, Acharnes and Petroupolis. <ref>Government Gazette (Gazette 21, 16. Rev02. Constantine Fiorakis2010,tel. :210-8031 201-fax :210-8041 747 vol) Law 3822/2010</ref>
3.The see of the Metropolis of Attica became vacant when its former Metropolitan Region Panteleimon was [[deposition|deposed]] by the [[Synod]] amid charges of Amaroussionfinancial and sexual scandal.<ref>[ Chris Maroudasuk/world/2005/feb/19/ "Sex and fraud woe for Greek church"] From ''The Guardian'',tel[[February 19]], 2005.:210-8028 211- fax: 210-8029 606 </ref>
4.Metropolitan Region ==Ruling hierarchs=====Metropolis of Metamorphossis. Rev.Dimitrios PapachatzisAttica and Megaridos===*[[Iakovos III (Vavanatsos) of Athens|Iakovas (Vavanatsos)]] 1936 - 1962,tel.:2101962 - 1967 (Iakovos III Archbishop of Athens 1962)*Nicodemus (Gkatziroulis) 1967 - 1974===Metropolis of Attica===*Dorotheus (Giannaropoulos) 1974 -2850 0601992*[[Panteleimon (Mpezenitis) of Attica|Panteleimon (Mpezenitis)]] 1994 -fax:2102004*[[Nicholas (Hatzinikolaou) of Mesogaia|Nicholas (Hatzinikolaou)]] 2004 -2816 706 2010
5.Metropolitan Region of Acharnae. Rev. Charalambos Triadopoulos,tel.&fax:210-2461 213 ==References==<references />
6==Sources==*[http://www.Metropolitan Region of Ano Liossiaimkifissias. Revgr/index. Anastasios Verropoulos php?option=com_content&view=article&id=100&Itemid=75&lang=el Metropolis of Kifissia, Amaroussion and RevOropos site] In Greek *[http://goarch. Anastasios Bastounis,telorg/news/goa.:210-2469 187-fax:210-2444 744 news422 Ecumenical Patriarchate Elects Metropolitan Demetrios of Vresthena (Greece) New Archbishop for America]
7.Metropolitan Region of Ileon.==External link==*[[Wikipedia: Church_of_Greece]]
8.Metropolitan Region of Petroupolis. Rev. Constantine Frentzos,tel.&fax :210-5012 027  9.Metropolitan Region of Camatero. Rev. Dimitrios Calivas,tel. 210-2318 977-fax:210-2317 907  10.Metropolitan Region of New Makri-Marathon. Archim. Nikolaos Coumentakis, tel&fax:2294 034383  11.Metropolitan Region of Kapandrete-Oropos. Archim.Daniel Gouvalis,tel&fax:2295 098498 ==Holy monasteries== ==Official Website==*[http[Category:// Official Website in EnglishDioceses|Attica]*[ Official Website in Greek]  [[Category:Church of GreeceGreek Dioceses|Attica]]

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