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Panagia Tricherousa

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'''Panagia Tricherousa''' is another [[Panagia Hodegetria|Hodegetria]]-style [[icon]] known as the "Virgin With with Three Hands." This icon is at the Serbian Monastery of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Chiliandari]], [[Mount Athos]], Greece.
A great fighter against the [[iconoclast]]s, St. [[John of Damascus|John Damascene (ca 676-[[March 27]] 754-87), was accused of being an enemy of the state in which he lived, and as punishment, the Caliph ordered that one of his hands be chopped off. Afterwards, St. John took the severed hand, prayed in front of the icon of the Theotokos and fell asleep. The Theotokos wrought the [[miracle ]] of re-attaching the dead hand of her servant and bringing it back to life. When he awoke, he found that his hand was completely healed.
In honor of that healing, he made a silver vitive votive offering in the shape of a hand and placed it on the icon in such a way that it appears that the Virgin Mary has a third hand. Up until Until the 12th Centurycentury, the icon was kept at the [[lavra ]] of St . Sabbas. It was given to St. Sabbas, Archbishop of Serbia and founder of the monastery of Chilandri, during a visit to the [[Holy Land]]. He took it with him to Serbia, and it was brought to the Holy Mountain in a miraculous manner. <ref> [ Website </ref/>
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