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Holy Synod in Resistance

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=== Hierarchs ===
*[ html Cyprian, Metropolitan of Oropos and Fili, President of the Holy Synod in Resistance]*[ html Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Etna (California), Member of the Synod]*[ html Chrysostomos, Bishop of Sydney and New South Wales, Member of the Synod]*[ html Michael, Bishop of Nora (Sardinia), Member of the Synod]*[ html Silvano, Bishop of Luni (Italy), Member of the Synod]*[ Chrysostomoshtml George, Bishop of ChristianoupolisAlania]*[ Auxentioshtml Chrysostomos, Bishop of PhotikiChristianoupolis]*[ Ambrosehtml Auxentios, Bishop of MethonePhotiki]*[ Symeonhtml Ambrose, Bishop of LakedaimoniaMethone]*[ html Johannes, Bishop of Makarioupolis, Assistant for Missions in Sweden] 
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