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Hilarion of Meglin

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In 1134, he was consecrated Bishop of Meglin by '''Eustathius, Archbishop of Trnovo'''. Holy Tradition holds that Eustathius was also visited in a vision by the '''Virgin Mary''' who announced to him that Hilarion would soon be placed as leader of the Meglin region.
His main contribution to the Orthodox church is his lifelong struggle against the Bogomils and the herecies from within Armenia. Through his spiritual learning and unequalled sanctity he ... and drew many of them to Orthodoxy.
His episcopal seat is famed to be the area where the village is today called Hrisi (Greek: Χρυσή) in Greece. This area was full of Armenian and Βογόμιλους monophysites. Through his teaching and discussions, he managed to convert many of the monophysites back to the church.
 Hilarion pre-empted his death and fell asleep reposed peacefully in the Lord in the year 1164.
At his request, he was succeeded as Abbott of the monastery, by his disciple of many years, monk Peter. It is noted in the Codex 524 that during his burial service that myrrh streamed continually from his eyes and that he later appeared on many occassions in visions to the monks of the monasteries to strengthen them in their monastic duties.

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