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Epitaphios of the Theotokos
==Epitaphios of the Theotokos==
An Epitaphios of the [[Theotokos]] also exists. This too is a richly embroidered cloth icon, but depicting instead the body of the [[Theotokos]] lying in state. [] This is used on the feast of the [[Dormition ]] of the Theotokos]] on 15 August, known in the West as the Assumption of Mary. The Epitaphos of the Theotokos is used with corresponding hymns of lamentation, placed on a bier, [] and carried in procession in the same way as the Epitaphios of Christ, although it is never placed on the Holy Table.
The Rite of the "Burial of the Theotokos" began in Jerusalem, and from there it was carried to Russia, where it was used in the [[W:Cathedral of the Dormition|Uspensky]] (Dormition) cathedral in Moscow. Its use has slowly spread among the Russian Orthodox, though it is not by any means a standard service in all parishes, or even most cathedrals or monasteries. In Jerusalem, the service is chanted during the [[All-Night Vigil]] of the Dormition. In some Russian churhes and monasteries, it is served on the third day after Dormition.

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