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Diocese of Sitka

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Under The '''Diocese of Alaska (OCA)'''—in full, the '''Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska'''—is a [[diocese]] of the jurisdiction of the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. It is currently under the leadership of His Grace, The the Right Reverend [[Nikolai(Soraich) of Sitka and Anchorage|Nikolai (Soraich)]], Bishop of Sitka, Anchorage, and Alaska. Its territory includes the American state of Alaska.
==Diocesan Council==
 *His Grace, Bishop Nikolai , Chair
*Diane Chris, Treasurer
*Anna Andrew, Secretary
==Metropolitan Council Representatives==
*Archimandrite Isidore
*Anna Andrew
*The North Star - Quarterly Diocesan Publication
*SS. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Chapel in Spruce Island, AK
*[[St. Herman 's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Kodiak, Alaska)|St. Herman's Seminary]] in Kodiak, AK
*Outreach Alaska based in Wichita, KS
*Protecting Veil of the Theotokos Community in Anchorage, AK
*Alaska Missionary Deanery
*Anchorage Missionary Deanery
*Sitka Deanery
*Unalaska Deanery
==External link==
*[ Official website]
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