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Origin of the Typikon of St. Savas and the Studite Typikon
The liturgical tradition originating with ''The Typikon of St. Savas'' produced by the [[Lavra]] in its initial stages was influenced by the customs and practices of the monastic communities in the Near East, Egypt, Palestine, and Asia Minor. Under St. [[Theodore the Studite|Theodore]], the Studion Monastery in Constantinople became the center of monastic revival and reform in the imperial city. During the times of the iconoclastic controversy the Palestinian monastic typikon came to the Constantinople monasteries. In the Studion Monastery a synthesis occurred as elements of the [[Cathedral Office]] of Constantinople were added to the Palestinian typikon. In time this Studite synthesis was further modified by Palestinian monks to produce a revised Typikon of St. Savas that remained in general use until the nineteenth century.
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==The Typikon of the Great Church==

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