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Panagia Portaitissa

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Nevertheless, after its reception and installation in the church, the [[icon]] repeatedly disappeared and was found above the gate of the Monastery on the inside. In a dream, the [[Theotokos|Blessed Virgin]] told St Gabriel that this was the place which she herself had chosen, so that she could protect the monks and not be protected by them. Thus the [[icon]] took the name of '''''“Portaitissa”''''', and until this very day its presence in the [[Monastery]] and on the [[Athos|Holy Mountain]] is regarded as a guarantee of the protection of Athonite [[monasticism]] by the [[Theotokos]]. Later, a chapel was built near the wall of the [[Monastery]] in which the [[icon]] was placed, while the old entrance was closed and another, grander, one built. The [[miracles]] performed by the '''Portaitissa''' are without number, especially on [[August 15]] and on Monday of Diakainisimi Week, when there is a procession and the finding of the [[icon]] is commemorated with a [[liturgy]] in the [[chapel]] on the shore, at the exact spot where St Gabriel took it out of the sea.
==The Oil Lamp in front of the icon (Kandila)==
{{{stub}}} ==The Her '''Kandila''' "Oil Lamp" (in front of the icon)== ==Her '''Gold Lemon Tree'''==
==Hymnography of St Nikodemos the Agiorite==

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