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Ben Lomond Crisis

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<div class="boilerplate" style="margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; background: #EEEEEE; padding: 0 10px; width: 75%; border: 1px solid #CCC; align: center">''Due This article is protected due to its controversial subject matter, this article has been reduced to a series of dot pointsnature.'' '''The Parish''' There was a parish in Ben Lomond, California, formerly within the Evangelical Orthodox Church, which came into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America to constitute a parish in the Antiochian Evangelical Orthodox Mission. This parish, numbering approximately 1500, was the largest of the AEOM. Some have estimated 200 to be in attendance at Saturday evening Vespers. This parish practised congregational singing. The parish also supported a K-12 school, had a world class choir, a hospitality house for visitors, programs for teens and supported Conciliar Press. '''The Crisis''' It should be considered that this whole section has an ‘allegedly’ before each point. The parish allowed an Athonite spiritual father to visit and to hear confessions, which reportedly achieved a higher level of prayer and fasting.The Archdiocese forbade any of its clergy or faithful to confess to a priest outside of the Church of Antioch. The practise of the parish to have a complete round of daily services (Matins, Vespers and Liturgy) was allegedly considered bizarre and abnormal. An edict was allegedly sent from the Archdiocese, demanding that all liturgical music be from the Archdiocese, prohibiting the Russian chant predominantly used by the parish. A parish meeting was called, and the parish petitioned the Archbishop to transfer to the OCA. In response, the priest and his supporting clergy received a fax announcing their defrocking.
An appeal was lodged with an Antiochian trial council, with ''Please suggest edits on the priest and his supporting clergy excommunicated, some for a minimum of three years and others for a minimum of five years[[{{NAMESPACE}} Talk:{{PAGENAME}}|talk page]] where they can be incorporated into the article.''</div>
The building'''Ben Lomond Crisis''' was the result of a parish, property, school formerly in the Evangelical Orthodox Church and bank accounts were seized by then within the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. Contested in courtof North America, the Archdiocese retained all of the precedingthat split.
==Timeline==*1996 Sep: Sts Peter and Paul Parish ran into difficulties with Bp Joseph. Bp Joseph expressed his desire to reduce the number of clergy at that parish (29 at the time), through transfers and laicisations, to a number more in keeping with standard practise.:Fr John Hardenbrook, during this period, was removed from his position as Dean of the Northern California Deanery at this period. This was seen as retribution for the '''The resolutionPhyletism or Freedom!"''article written in the parish newsletter, which declared the parish's right to choose from amongst various Orthodox musical traditions and liturgic practises.*1997 May: Bp Joseph issues directive that all formerly-EOC parishes (which included Ben Lomond) are to use the official Archdiocesan service books and the Archdiocesan music within two years, rather than music from many and varied sources.Again:The parish responded badly to this directive, mostly ‘allegedly’which compounded the reaction from the first directive. A minority accused the dissenters of disloyalty to the bishopsMost parisioners :A common practise at Ben Lomond was to seek spiritual direction, often from members of other Orthodox jurisdictions. In some cases, these directors were scattered advising to defy the bishops. A directive is also issued that asked clergy and priestlesslaity to avoid placing themselves under spiritual directors who were not a part of the Antiochian Archdiocese.:Sep: Truce called.*1998 Feb 6: Fr David Anderson was issued a transfer to Chicago. This was seen as an attack on parish life, as Fr David was one of the most popular priests in the parish; it was also seen as cold, due to Fr David caring, with the remainder had not been help of parisioners, for his invalid mother at the time. After the rejection of an appeal, Fr David applied for a release to the primary backing ::12: A letter was sent from a number of clergy of the parish, signed by 10 priests (out of 12) and 11 deacons (of 17), outlining the problems had with the hierarchy by the parish and couldn’t why they lost their trust in the hierarchy. It asked for a release to the OCA. A petition was sent from the laity, with 60% of the laity signing their support for the clergy's letter.:::Metropolitan Philip responded with the laicisation of John Hardenbrook and David Anderson and suspending the remaining clergy and ordering one of the non-signatory priests to change the locks on the church. []:::The clergy and laity at odds with the Archdiocese began to attend St Nicholas Orthodox Church (OCA) in Saratoga, and petitioned to be entered into the OCA. St Nicholas Church begins an extra Sunday service to accomodate the sudden rise (approx. 300) in parisioners. The Ben Lomond group continued to regard themselves as a separate community, and was unresponsive to requests to fill out membership forms and otherwise become a part of St Nicholas, which provoked a letter from Bp Tikhon ordering that all must worship in the same Liturgy.*1998 Aug 20: Having sued the Ben Lomond Parish Corporation for the property and assets of the parish, the Archdiocese was awarded both, which resulted in the closure of the parochial school was entirely (running for seven years).*1999 Feb: Having been made clear that the OCA would not accept the suspended clergy, the parish sought ministrations from the Jerusalem Patriarchate, who began to serve at a chapel in Felton. Two priests from the original community have since been ordained, who serve the community at St Lawrence's Church and it's parochial school.*The suspended clergy remain in canonical limbo, being unreleased from the Antiochian Archdiocese.<!--Unreferenced allegings:-Parish numbered 1500, with 200 at Vespers.abandoned-Congregational singing. Supported Conciliar Press, as were other things a hospitality house for visitors and programsfor teenagers.-The parish allowed an Athonite spiritual father to visit and to hear confessions, which reportedly achieved a higher level of prayer and fasting.-The practise of the parish was to have a complete round of daily services, which was allegedly considered bizarre and abnormal.-The appeal was lodged with an Antiochian trial council, with property being soldthe priest and his supporting clergy excommunicated (not just suspended), some for a minimum of three years and others for a minimum of five years-The OCA received a large number of the faithful, on the condition of their silence on the
matter, also forbidding other OCA clergy to discuss it.
 The Jerusalem Patriarchate received the remainder of the faithful. -In response to both of the above, the Antiochian Archdiocese considered suspending
communion with both the OCA and the Jerusalem Patriarchate.
 -The clergy were considered persona non grata for years, even after their excommunication
ceased. Recently, these clergy were received back into the archdiocese.
 -To this day, there remains a watchfulness against parishes becoming too similar
to the Ben Lomond parish.
-->==External links==*Lucas, P.C., 2003, "[ Enfants Terribles: The Challenge of Sectarian Converts to Ethnic Orthodox Churches in the United States]", in '''External Links'Nova Religio'', Vol. 7, No. 2, November 2003. (password protected) *Metr. Philip Saliba, [ Online org/encyclicals/antioch/philip_saliba/philip_directive_feb1998.htm Archpastoral Directive], issued Feb 14, 1998 to Sts Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Ben Lomond Archive], California.

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