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Ben Lomond Crisis

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The 1st version of the article was the most objective and balanced. It lacked certain key information, but should have been acceptable to all. '''It was erased (rendering that page blank) ''' by someone who would rather there be no real information available. Here's the timeline.
'''Late December ''' - the first Ben Lomond Crisis article existed on 12/31/2007 and was completely erased from the Orthodox Wiki on 1/1/2008, beginning the new year with a blackout of history.
Early January - notation of this fact and date was made on that wiki page.
'''Mid January ''' - a new article describing the crisis was put up.
'''Late January ''' (1/21) - that article was reformatted and rewritten a bit to give it some objectivity and balance.
'''Later January ''' (e.g. 1/22-23) - that article was completely deleted off the wiki, rendering even the link broken. Here is a pdf of that article which shows when it was present: '''[ Deleted 3rd Version (PDF)]'''
It is a terrible shame when the truth of something is so scandalous, that it has to be covered up by an information blackout.
It should be noted that, while this doesn’t indicate the source necessarily, the link to the article from the Antiochian website is not the link to read the article, but rather the direct link to edit it.
'''Here's the most recent article which was simply deleted wholesale.'''
Ben Lomond Crisis

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