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Monastery of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Victoria)

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History of the Monastery
==History of the Monastery==
Although you will never hear this from Mother Kallistheni herself: much Much of the initial seed capital for the Monastery derived was donated from the Zantis family of Goulburn - in particular . The majority of this donation was from Mother Kallistheni's father, Angelo Zantis (deceased) father , and Mother Kallistheni herself (Nowedays, this is information that you will never hear from the Abbess herself. ==Mother Kallistheni==Mother Kallistheni was born "Kalomira" (nickname Corrine) and raised in Goulburn (NSW, Ausrtralia). Her fathers name was Angelo Zantisand her mother is Nina. She has two other siblings, Sheridan and Peter.  Her genealogical tree shows that her grandfather was a village priest in the province of Karavas (Kythera, Greece). He was a priest and schoolmaster for four decades and is affectionately known as "Papa Vangelli", by the Kytherian community, and was married to previtera Stamatia. Most Kytherians today aged between 60 and 100 and living in Australia or the USA would more than likely have been christened by her great-grandfather. Papa Vangelli had 8 children and Mother Kallistheni herself.
==Programme for members of the Public==

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