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Monastery of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Victoria)

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History of the Monastery
==History of the Monastery==
The monastery is situated approximately one hour, by car, Although you will never hear this from Melbourne and is close to the seaside suburb Mother Kallistheni herself: much of Geelong. Initially the Monastery stoon on 17 acres of land but recent land purchases have allowed initial seed capital for growth extending the property size to 20 acres. This growth has allowed Monastery derived from the monastery to purchase bees to produce their own honeyZantis family of Goulburn - in particular Mother Kallistheni's (deceased) father Angelo Zantis, a donkey and 2 alpakas. To create privacy for the monastery, Cox Road, running outside the Monastery, has recently been closed off - an initiative instigated by Mother Kallistheni, Abbess of the Monasteryherself.
==Programme for members of the Public==

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