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Philothei of Athens

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Saint Philothei of Athens is commemorated by the Church on [[February 19]].
:As an 'orphan' this freed Revoula to begin a more austere life. She strived for abstinence, vigilance and prayers.
:In a vision one night, Revoula was visited by [[Apostle Andrew|St Andrew the First-Called]] and ordered to build a convent for women in his honour.
*Revoula is tonsured with the monastic [[Schema]] at the completion of the convent and received the name Philothei.
'''''Kontakion in the Third Tone'''''
We all honour Philothea with jubilation of spirit, as this day we rev'rently worship her ven'rable relics. For she lived her whole life working kindness and mercy; and the righteous one, receiving a martyr's ending, is deemed worthy to entreat God that all be granted eternal life with the Saints.
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