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Philothei of Athens

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== The Saints Cave ==
In Athens, their is a suburb called "Philothei". Their is a church in this area bearing the name of the saint. Near it, their is a small but well preserved cave surviving were the holy mother would struggle alone when she would not remain at the monastery of Patesia.
== Readings ==
'''''Apolytikion in the Plagal of the First Tone'''''
The famed city of Athens doth honour Philothea, the righteous Martyr, whose relics it now revereth with joy; for while living in sobriety and holiness, she hath exchanged all earthly things for the everlasting life through great contests as a Martyr; and she entreateth the Saviour to grant His mercy unto all of us.
'''''Kontakion in the Third Tone'''''
We all honour Philothea with jubilation of spirit, as this day we rev'rently worship her ven'rable relics. For she lived her whole life working kindness and mercy; and the righteous one, receiving a martyr's ending, is deemed worthy to entreat God that all be granted eternal life with the Saints.

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