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Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church

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The '''Pomorian Old -Orthodox Church''' (ДревлеправоДревлеправославная Поморская Церковь) is a non-canonical, traditionalist Eastern Orthodox Juridiction, born of a schism within the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in the 17th century (The Bespopovtsy, the "priestless" [[Old Believers]]). == History == == Organization == The Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church has parishes in [[Russia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Latvia]], [[Estonia]], [[Poland]], [[Belarus]] and [[Ukraine]] (in these countries they are headed by National Councils and Spiritual Commissions), the [[United States]], [[Brazil]] and elsewhere. * '''Council of the Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church in Russia''' : Российский совет ДПЦ (РС ДПЦ):Chairman : Oleg Ivanovich Rozanov == More information == * [ General information]* [ General informations about Old Believers in Lithuania]* [ Pomorians in St. Petersburg]* [ Site] [[Category:Jurisdictions]][[Category:Old Believer Jurisdictions]]

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