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An Orthodox understanding teachings concerning sex overwhelmingly hold that it ought to be confined to the [[sacrament]] of sexuality [[marriage]] (which is clear in the patristic tradition of the Churchassumed to be monogamous, heterosexual, and permanent). This tradition That is primarily associated with the origin of human sexuality, the purpose Orthodox believers are expected to choose between two paths of marriage, and the role equal dignity: (1) a life of [[virginity. When discussing the acceptable avenues for sexual interaction]] or [[celibacy]], one must also analyze possibly including [[holy orders]]; or (2) the contemporary issues married life. Various biblical and patristic writings condemn sex acts which threaten the Orthodox interpretation occur outside of healthy human sexuality; these threats are namely adultery and masturbation.bounds, including:
== Contemporary Context ==*Adultery (sex which violates the marriage commitment)''"Get ready for the best, most mind-blowing and fulfilling *Fornication (sex life ever. From toys to taboosbefore, from arousal to orgasmor outside of, you'll find advice marriage)*Homosexuality (since Orthodox tradition rejects the concept of "gay marriage")*Rape*Anal sex*Oral sex*"Heavy petting"*Bestiality*Sex with angels or demons (attested in Genesis)*Incest (including certain "in-law" and support on all things sexual. Why not? You deserve it"'' [,,4tgp,00.html]! godparent relationships)*Masturbation
Provactive lines as the above, find their way onto the cover pages of many popular magazines. In most cases, they become headlines of internet sites and in returnaddition, knowingly or unknowingly, become we should consider the gauges for some people for measuring success and happiness in their life. Society’s infatuation with sexual pleasure has reduced the sanctity of conjugal relations making sexual fulfillment a temporary answer to many problems. In some cases, the sex drive of an individual becomes an uncontrollable beast, which destructs families, careers, and most importantly the spiritual lives of it victims. Most of these social catastrophes would not exist if sexuality was understood in terms related issues of its origin and purpose.
Contemporary society reduces sex to an instinctive act used solely for the purpose of sexual gratification and entertainment. Sixty-four percent of all shows on television include sexual content*Abortion, and only fifteen percent mention waiting, protection, and the consequences of these types of acts (TV Sex Getting ''"Safer."'' Kaiser Family Foundation. [], 2003). *Birth control
Tom Clancy once saidWhile all of the above have fallen under the condemnation of one or another Orthodox authority, no unanimity exists for many of them, and in any case, one''"I believe s spiritual father may make allowances based on the principle of [[oikonomia]]. Note that sex sexual sin is one not regarded as especially different from other types of the most beautifulsin, natural, wholesome things that money can buyto which all are susceptible. ("One is holy..."'' (L’ Estrange, Julian, The Big Book ) As the [[Sayings of Sex Quotes 1001 Quips & Quotes. Newington: Cassell, 2002the Fathers]] reminds us, 35).
Sex appeal in modern society means everything and is everything! Seventy five percent of prime time television in the 1999-2000 season included sexual content (Sex on TV: Content and Context. The Kaiser Family Foundation, 5 February, 2001). With television surrounding families with sex and nudity, it is no wonder why these types of secular philosophies have brought about the faithless understanding of human sexuality. Society has managed to break down the Christian understanding of this act, therefore making it acceptable for all to hoard outside of marriage. For Orthodox Christians, however, '''The same God who said "sexual relationships outside of the marital relationship violate the inherent nature of things for a person growing toward Theosisdo not fornicate"'' (Paramythiotisalso said, Dositheos. Telephone interview. January 31, 2007). Sexual relations in marriage are "Do not the only Orthodox way of life to attain Theosisjudge. The Orthodox Church honors and highly reveres virginity, the state of Adam and Eve (hereafter referred to as ''"the protoplasts"'') before their Fall. Contemporary society however, gives such a state second-class honor. Celibacy and virginity are even labeled as ''"unnatural,"'' despite, the witness of patristic tradition; it is the natural state of the protoplasts before the Fall. In this essay, the patristic understanding of sexuality in terms of the origin of humanity’s sexual nature, the appropriate manifestation of sexual acts only within marriage, and the restoration of the sexual aspect of the fallen nature through consecrated virginity will be explained.
A focus on sexual sin obscures the fact that Orthodoxy views sex within marriage as fundamentally good--at least in this world. (Apparently sex does not exist in the afterlife, though marriage may.) In contrast to Western (Roman Catholic) views of sex as an instrumental good (thus accounting for that church's well-known opposition to birth control), the Orthodox tendency has been to prefer a sacramental over an instrumental interpretation.
== Origin of Human Sexuality ==

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