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Church of Antioch

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Crusader and Muslim conquests
The Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1517, under whose control it remained until the breakup of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I. During this period, in 1724, the Church of Antioch was again weakened by schism, as a major portion of its faithful came into submission to the [[Roman Catholic Church]]. The resultant [[Uniate]] body is known as the [[Melkite Greek Catholic Church]], which in the current day maintains close ties with the Orthodox and is currently holding ongoing talks about healing the schism and returning the Melkites to Orthodoxy.
Fearing for the preservation of the Antioch Orthodoxy of the Antiochian see Orthodoxy, the parishioners and bishops requested the [[ecumenical Patriarchate Patriarch]]ate to send them a Greek patriarch, and the . The Greek presence on the Antioch Orthodox Antiochian see lasted from 1724 to 1898 until the Arab patriarch, Malathius I (Doumani) the Damascene', an Arab patriarch, was appointed. A renewal movement, involving Orthodox youth in particular, has been under way since the 1940s.
===The Antiochian church today===

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