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This full phrase "the one elected is always the primate of the representative of the Church of Constantinople in America" doesn't make sense to me as English. What is 'the primate of the representative'? any help? thanks[[User:Richardson mcphillips1|Richardson mcphillips1]] 09:59, December 21, 2007 (PST)
:The one elected to presidency of SCOBA is always the presiding bishop of the representative of the Church of Constantinople (i.e. Greek Orthodox Church in diaspora) in America - hence, the president of SCOBA is the archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Perhaps the language in the article needs to be clarified. &mdash; edited by [[User:Pistevo|<font color="green">Pιs</font><font color="gold">τévο</font>]] <sup>''[[User talk:Pistevo|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]'' ''[[User talk:Pistevo/dev/null|<font color="red">complaints</font>]]''</sup> at 22:28, December 21, 2007 (PST)
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