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Aurel Jivi

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Dr '''Dr Aurel Jivi'''was a [[priest]] in the [[Church of Romania]]. He was also a university professor and theologian. ----==Life==Father Aurel Jivi was born in Chişoda, county of Timiş, Romania, on [[August 2]], 1943. He took his first degree from the Sibiu Theological Institute in 1967 and then a master’s degree in Theology from McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago in 1973. He completed his doctoral studies at the Bucharest Theological Institute in 1982, with a dissertation about “Orthodoxy in America”. He became a full-time professor at the Sibiu Theological Institute, Department of Universal Church History, in 1983; he also taught at the Faculty of Theology in Oradea, and lectured for several universities in the US and Britain. He was [[ordination|ordained ]] an Orthodox priest in 1993. He Father Jivi wrote extensively on topics related to his field of research, but he was also a proficient translator. He passed away in Sibiu, in 2002. ==Works (in Romanian)==
Works (in Romanian)
1. ''Sfântul Ioan Hrisostom arhipăstor la Constantinopol''. în MB, an. XIX. 1969, nr. 4-6, p. 226-235;
2. ''Literatura teologică bizantină în preocupările lui Nicolae lorga'', în BOR, an. LXXXVIII, 1969, nr. 11-12, p. 1248-1256;
15. ''Cyril Lucarisţties with Transylvanian Preotestants'', în vol. Persoană şi comuniune, Prinos de cinstire Pr. Prof Acad. Dumitru Stăniloaie, Sibiu, 1993, p. 386 -397.
 ==Translations (from English):==----
1. Keith Hitchins, ''Ortodoxie şi naţionalitate. Andrei Şaguna şi românii din Transilvania''. 1846-1873. Bucureşti, 1995, 343p.
2. Other articles and reviews published in: ”Biserica Ortodoxă Română", “Studii Teologice", “Mitropolia Ardealului”, “Ecumenical Review", and “Byzantinoslavica".
Links:----==External link== 1. *[ The Aurel Jivi Society] (Blog) [[Category:Priests]]

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