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Andrew Tregubov

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-'''The Light of Christ: Iconography of Father Gregory Kroug-'''By Andrew Tregubov
The icons in this book, reproduced by a special printing process on glossy paper, are the work of the great iconographer--Fr. Gregory Kroug. Fr. Kroug (1909-1969) was born in Russia and lived in France. A reclusive monk who lived in great poverty, he participated in the "Russian religious renaissance," which was, in part, a movement to rediscover the theological significance and artistic beauty of Russian iconography. His work reflects the pure form and content found in the golden age of Russian iconography (14th-16th centuries).
The Incarnate God (The Feasts of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary)'''
By Paul Meyendorff, Andrew Tregubov, Catherine Aslanoff
ISBN: 0881411302
Fr. Andrew Tregubov's website:
*[ Tregubov Studios]
*[ Article on St. John the Baptist]

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