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John Anthony McGuckin

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A former Reader in [[Patristics]] and Byzantine Theology at the University of Leeds, he was raised [[Roman Catholic]] and at 19 became a member of the Passionist religious order. In 1989 McGuckin embraced Orthodoxy and was [[ordination|ordained]] a priest for the Romanian Orthodox Church, serving in Manhattan. In addition to his current pastoral ministry, he has served at the St. [[Mary Magdalene]] Mission, a parish of the [[Orthodox Church in America]].
Fr. John was awarded the prestigious Henry Luce III Fellowship in Theology for 2006. His research project, completed at the end of 2006, is a large-scale book on the history and culture of Eastern Christianity, entitled ''The Orthodox Church: Its Theology An Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture''(published in 2008). Fr. John's scholarly activities have included serving as manuscript assessor (Early Christian Studies) for Routledge Publications, as advisor to the Australian Catholic University of Australia for the 's ''Center for Early Christian Studies ('', Sydney) and its series of scholarly monographs, as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journals ''Pro Ecclesia'' and ''Maria'', and as an active member/fellow of numerous professional societies, including the Royal History Society, American Society of Church History, and International Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies.
He has written important scholarly books on [[Cyril of Alexandria]], [[Gregory of Nazianzus]], and [[Origen]], among others. His work has ranged over the areas of [[New Testament]] interpretation, Patristics, Byzantine History, and Orthodox theology. He is a highly regarded Orthodox theologian, both in the English-speaking world and in Eastern Europe.
In 1994, Fr. John entered into the poetic realm with a small book of poetry: ''Byzantium and Other Poems''.
*''Byzantium and Other Poems'' (Black Gate Press, 1994; out of print)
*''The Book of Mystical Chapters'' (Shambhala, 2002) ISBN 1-59030-007-6
*''The Westminster Handbook To Patristic Theologyto Origen'' (2004) ISBN 0-664-2239622472-6 5*''The Westminster Handbook To Origento Patristic Theology'' (2004) ISBN 0-664-2247222396-6 *''The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture'' (2008) ISBN 978-5 1405150668
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