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Diocese of Mtskheta and Tbilisi

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[[Image:Sveti.jpg|thumb|left|Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Mtskheta) Under this column is burried Holy Vesture of our Lord]]
In 466, the Church of Georgia was granted autocephaly by the Patriarch of Antioch, who also elevated the bishop of Mtskheta to the honor of Catholicos of Kastli with a full title of ''Archbishop of Mtskheta and Catholicos of Kartli'' (East Georgia). His [[cathedra ]] was in Mtskheta with two cathedrals—Svetitskhoveli and Samtavro.
During the reign of St. King [[Vakhtang]] (remembered [[November 30]]) twelve dioceses were founded in Kartli, and Church of Georgia was also recognized as autocephalous by [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]]. During the fourth and fifth centuries the capital of Georgia was Mtskheta; Tbilisi was only a castle. After death of King Vakhtang, his successor, Dachi began building a city at Tbilisi. The first church built in Tbilisi was Sioni that some years later became the cathedral of the bishop of Tbilisi.

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