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'''Atheism ''' is the belief that there is no [[God]]. It is not a mere lack of belief in God, nor is it a belief in ignorance of [[God]], but rather specifically that there is no [[God]]; the . The belief that we can not cannot know or understand [[God]] or anything of a supra-material order (the previously mentioned belief in ignorance) is today generally termed "[[agnosticism]].". Both positions are condemned by the [[Orthodox Church]], often explicitly, but at all other times implicitly, for being a belief in error for denial (explicit explicitly in the case of atheists and some agnostics, implicit implicitly in the case of other agnostics) of the truth of God and [[Jesus Christ]]. ==Etymology== Although the word "atheism" is actually more appropriately applicable to "agnosticism." The "a-" prefix meaning "lack of," and "-theism" indicating belief in a higher power, an atheist is etymologically one without belief in a higher power, not someone who specifically denies the existence of such as the "atheists" of today do by definition. The more appropriate term for the denial of the supernatural would be "antitheism," "anti-" meaning "against," indicating opposition to belief in a higher power. ==External links==*[[wikipedia:Atheism|Atheism]] on Wikipedia.*[ Orthodox Christianity and Militant Atheism in the Twentieth Century] from [[GodKallistos (Ware) of Diokleia|Timothy Ware]] 's ''The Orthodox Church'' (2nd ed), Penguin Books, London 1993, pp 145-9 and 162.*[ Atheism and Orthodoxy in Modern Russia] delivered by Fr. [[Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Vienna|Hilarion Alfeyev]] at the [[Orthodox Peace Fellowship]] retreat in Vézelay, France, [[May 5|5]]-[[Jesus ChristMay 7|7 May]] 2001*[ The Challenge of Atheism] by Fr. Stephen Freeman*[ Christian Atheism]by Fr. Stephen Freeman*[ History of the Orthodox Church: The Modern Church: Confrontation with Atheistic Regimes]by Aristeides Papadakis, Ph.D.*[ Atheism] by Creation Ministries International[[Category:Heresies]] [[el:Αθεϊσμός]]

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