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Apostle Sosipater

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[[Image:Jasonsosipater.jpg|frame|thumb|200px|Ss. [[Apostle Jason|Jason]] and Sosipater]]
The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Sosipater''' is numbered among the [[Apostles#The_Seventy|Seventy Apostles]]. St. Sosipater's [[feast day]]s are [[November 10]], and on [[April 28]] or [[April 29|29]]. ==Life==Born in Achaea, he was [[Bishop]] in Iconium (prior to the [[Apostle Tertius]]) by his relative the [[Apostle Paul]]. With the [[Apostle Jason]] he traveled to the island of Corfu where they built a church in honor of the [[Apostle Stephen the Protomartyr]] and converted many pagans to the Christian faith. Seeing this, the king of Corfu threw them into prison where they [[conversion|converted]] seven other prisoners to the Christian faith: Saturninus, Jakischolus, Faustianus, Januarius, Marsalius, Euphrasius and Mammius. The king had those seven put to death for their faith in boiling pitch.
The king's daughter, the virgin Cercyra, having watched these holy apostles being tortured and turned to the Christian faith, distributed all her jewels to the poor. The king became angry and put her in prison, yet she would not deny Christ. So he had the prison burned, but she remained unharmed. Many people were [[baptism|baptized]] upon seeing this [[miracle]]. He then had her killed with arrows while tied to a tree.
Many believers fled to a nearby island to get away from the enraged king, but as he chased them his boat sank. The new king embraced the Christian faith and in baptism received the name Sebastian. From then on Sts. Sosipater and Jason freely preached the [[Gospel]] and built up the Church in Corfu until a very old age, when they gave up their souls to God. St. Sosipater's [[feast day]]s are [[November 10]] and [[April 28]]. 
===November 10===
[[Troparion]] ([[Tone ]] 3) []  
:Holy Apostles, [[Apostle Erastus|Erastus]], [[Apostle Olympas|Olympas]], [[Apostle Herodian|Herodian]], Sosipater, [[Apostle Quartus|Quartus]] and [[Apostle Tertius|Tertius]],
:entreat the merciful God,
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 2)
:Illumined by divine light, O holy apostles,
:you wisely destroyed the works of idolatry.
===April 28===
Troparion (Tone 3) []
:O holy Apostles [[Apostle Jason|Jason]] and Sosipater,
:Pray to the merciful God,
Kontakion (Tone 2)
:O Jason, source of healing,
:And Sosipater, glory of the martyrs of Christ:
:Thrice-holy and God-bearing Apostles and defenders of those who suffer,
:Intercede with Christ God that He may save our souls.
== Source ==
St. [[Nikolai Velimirovic]], ''The [[Prologue of Ohrid]]''
==Source==*St. [[Nikolai Velimirovic]], ''The [[Prologue of Ohrid]]'' ==External links==*[ Apostle Sosipater of the Seventy], November 10 ([[OCA]])*[ Apostle Sosipater of the Seventy and those with him], April 28 ([[OCA]])*[ Jason & Sosipater the Apostles of the 70 & their Companions] ([[GOARCH]])*[ The Holy Apostles Jason, Sosipater and the Virgin Cercyra] (''Prologue of Ohrid'') [[Category:Biblical Saints|Sosipater]][[Category:Bishops|Sosipater]][[Category:Martyrs|Sosipater]][[Category:Saints|Sosipater]]
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