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Antonio (de Rosso) of Ravenna

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Metropolitan '''Antonio De (de Rosso)''' is the current head of the [[Old Calendarist]] [[Orthodox Church in Italy]] and the [[Metropolitan]] of [[Ravenna (Italy)|Ravenna]] and Italy.
Metr. Antonio was born in 1941 in [[Farra di Soligo]] (near Treviso, Veneto). In 1968 he was [[ordination|ordained ]] a [[priest]] in the [[Roman Catholic Church]]. In 1986, after his conversion to [[Orthodox Church|Orthodoxy]] he was named [[bishop]] of Aprilia and Latium under the [[jurisdiction ]] of Metr. [[Cyprian of Fili|Cyprian ]] of Oropos and Fili, a leader of the [[Greek Old Calendarists]] movement. In 1991 he founded the Orthodox Church in Italy. In 1993 Bp. Antonio joined [[Bulgarian Orthodox Church]], and in 1995 was enthroned bishop of Ravenna and Italy. After 1997 the [[Orthodox Church in Italy]] remained linked with [[Patriarch ]] Pimen's [[Bulgarian Alternative Synod]] and Bp. Antonio became Metropolitan of Ravenna and Italy. In the same year Metr. Antonio became a full member of Pimen's [[Holy Synod]], as the head of the autonomous Orthodox Church in Italy.
Metr. Antonio's [[apostolic succession ]] derives from Metr. Cyprian (Old Calendarist). In 1993 he introduced the [[Revised Julian Calendar|reformed Julian calendar ]] into the Orthodox Church in Italy.
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