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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Hieromartyr]] [[Apostle Symeon|Symeon the kinsman of the Lord]], [[Bishop]] of Jerusalem; [[Saint]] Stephen, [[Abbot]] of the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Caves]] and Bishop of Vladimir in Volhynia; Saint John, Abbot of Cathares [[Monastery]] at Constantinople; New-Martyr [[Elias Ardunis]] of [[Mount Athos]]; Saint [[Seraphim of Phanar|Seraphim]], Bishop of [[Phanar]]; Martyr Poplion; Saint [[Eulogius the Hospitable]] at Constantinople; [[Martyr]] [[Longinus the New]]; incineration of the [[relics]] of [[Sava of Serbia|Sabbas]], first [[Archbishop]] of Serbia, by Sinan Pasha
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