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Aftimios Ofiesh

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===Groups claiming succession from Aftimios Ofiesh===
:'''Note:''' Though many of these groups use names which are very similar to mainstream groups, they are usually not affiliated with them in any way. The American Orthodox Catholic Church, mentioned above as an eparchy ruled by Archbishop Aftimios has no connection with either the American Orthodox Catholic Church listed below nor the two American Orthodox Church(es) listed below.
*[ American Orthodox Catholic Church], a.k.a. "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America (THEOCACNA) "American Orthodox Patriarchate" (other websites: [],[])
*[ American Orthodox Church], a.k.a. "North American Orthodox Church," "Western Orthodox Church of America," "Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas," "American Orthodox Catholic Church" (not affiliated with THEOCACNA - ; operated by convicted pedophile and registered sexual offender Alan Stanford - [ as well ], [])):*[ Athonite Benedictine Monks of Deming, NM]
*[ The American Orthodox Church] (also [ Athonite Benedictine Fathers] and [ Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church]) affiliated with the Athonite Benedictine Monks
:*[ The Athonite Benedictine Fathers]
*[ The Pilgrims Guardianship]
*[ Roman Orthodox Church] (ROC), "Roman Orthodox Benedictine Congregation" (ROBC)
*[ Russian Orthodox Church in America] (ROCIA)
*[ Spiritis Church], "The True Original Church"
*[ The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church] (TIFPEC)
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