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Melyos of Alexandria

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St. Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Milieus Melyos of Alexandria''' (also ''Milieus'', ''Milius'', ''Sabellius'', ''Avilius'', or ''Abilius'') was the third [[Patriarchbishop]] of Alexandria, 98 Afrom 83 to 95 AD.DHe is commemorated on [[September 12]].
On [[September 12]], 98, the third Pope of Alexandria after St. Mark, departed.This [[Saint]] saint was enthroned in the fifteenth 15th year of the reign of Domitian, son of Vespasian, Emperor of Rome, and 55 years after the [[Ascension ]] of our Lord [[Jesus Christ]]. He pastured pastored and guarded the flock of Christ well for 12 years and then departed in peace.May his prayers be with us all. Amenon September 12, 98.
 {{start box}}{{succession|before=[[Anianus of Alexandria|Anianus]]|title=[[List of Patriarchs of Alexandria|Bishop of Alexandria]]|years=83-95|after=Kedron}}{{end box}} ==Source==*[ The Departure of St. Melyos (Milius), the Third Pope of Alexandria] ==External links==*[[w:Pope Avilius of Alexandria|''Pope Avilius of Alexandria'' at Wikipedia]]*[[Eusebius of Caesarea]], ''Historia Ecclesiastica'' Book III**[ Chapter XIV.—Abilius, the Second Bishop of Alexandria]**[ Chapter XXI.—Cerdon becomes the Third Ruler of the Church of Alexandria]*[ Abilius (Saint), 1st Century, Coptic Church, Egypt] from ''[[w:The Coptic Encyclopedia|The Coptic Encyclopedia]]'', vol. 1*[ Avilius, bishop 84/85?-98? A.D., Ancient Christian Church, Alexandria/Egypt] by Dr. Clyde Curry Smith [[Category: Bishops]][[Category:1st-century bishops]][[Category:Non-Chalcedonian Saints]][[Category:Patriarchs of Alexandria]][[Category:Saints]][[Category:Ante-Nicene Saints]][[Category:1st-century saints]]

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