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[[Image:Theotokos of Vladimir.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady Theotokos]]
</div>[[Martyr]]s Eulampius and Eulampia at Nicomedia, and 200 martyrs with them; Martyr Theotecnus of Antioch; [[Saint]] Theophilus the [[Confessor]] of Bulgaria; Saint Bassian of Constantinople; Blessed Andrew of Totma, [[Fool-for-Christ]]; [[Venerable]] Ambrose of [[OptinaMonastery|Optina]]; [[Zographou martyrs|26 martyrs]] of [[Zographou Monastery (Athos)|Zographou Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]], by the Latin Crusaders: [[Abbot]] Thomas, [[monk]]s Barsanuphius, Cyril, Micah, Simon, Hilarion, Job, James, Cyprian, Sabbas, James, Martinian, Cosmas, Sergius, Paul, Menas, Ioasaph, Ioannicius, Anthony, Euthymius, Dometian, Parthenius, and four [[laity|laymen]] (see also [[September 21]] and [[September 22|22]]); [[synaxis]] of the seven saints of Volhynia: Saint Job, Abbot of Pochaev, Stephen and Amphilochius, [[Bishop]]s of Vladimir in Volhynia, [[Hieromartyr]] Macarius, [[Archimandrite]] of Kanev, Saint Yaropolk, prince of Vladimir-Volhynia, Saint Theodore (in [[monasticism]] Theodosius), prince of Ostrog, and Saint Juliana Olshanskaya; synaxis of the righteous fathers of the Optina [[Monastery]] in Russia: Saints Leo, Macarius, Moses, Anthony, Hilarion, Ambrose, Anatolius, Isaacius, Joseph, Barsanuphius, Anatolius the Younger, Nectarius, Nicon, and Isaacius the second; Saint Paulinos, Bishop of Rochester; New Hieromartyr Peter of Krutitsa; Zographou [[Icon]] of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]] "Of the [[Akathist]];" repose of Bishop Innocent of Penze
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