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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>Holy [[Apostle]] [[Apostle Philip (of the Seventy)|Philip]] of the Seventy, one of the seven [[deacon]]s; Saint [[Theophanes the Confessor|Theophanes the Confessor and Hymnographer]], Bishop of Nicaea; [[Martyr]]s Zenaida (Zenais) and Philonilla of Tarsus in Cilicia; Saint Theophanes, [[fast]]er of the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Caves]]; Saints Nectarius, Arcadius, and Sinisius, [[Patriarch]]s of Constantinople; Elder Leonid of [[OptinaMonastery|Optina]]; Saint Ethelburga, [[Abbess]] of Barking; Saint Gonmar of Lier; Saint Kenneth, [[Abbot]] of Aghaboe and the Outer Hebrides; Saint Agilbert, Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames and Paris; [[synaxis]] of the [[venerable]] fathers of Optina (see also [[October 10]]); commemoration of the [[miracle]] from the [[Icon]] of Our Lord [[Jesus Christ]] in Beret of Phoenicia
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