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Holy Cross Monastery (Castro Valley, California)

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[ Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery] (also known as "Holy Cross Monastery") is a [ monastic institution] of the Orthodox Church in America ([ OCA]) located in Castro Valley, California. See [,-121.951659&spn=1.472504,2.554321&z=9&om=1 Map]
The clergy of the [ [monastery]] previously served under the [[omophorion]] of [[Kyrill_%28Yonchev%29_of_Pittsburgh |Archbishop Kyrill]],] who shepherded the [ OCA's] [ Diocese of Pittsburgh], Pennsylvania and the [ Diocese of Toledo,] Ohio. Since the [ repose of Archbishop Kyrill] during the summer of 2007; they now serve under the [[omophorion]] of [ Metropolitan Herman,] who serves as [[locum tenens]] of their [[diocese]] until a new [[hierarch]] is elected and installed for their [[diocese]].
[ Holy Cross Monastery] serves [ Orthodox Christians] of all ethnic backgrounds and all cultural traditions. Services are predominantly celebrated in English, but are often also heard in [[Romanian]], [[Slavonic]] (Old Bulgarian), and [[Greek]]. Many Orthodox Christians with roots in [ Romania] and [ Bulgaria] regularly attend services at the [ monastery.] Orthodox faithful of all backgrounds come here for [ weddings,] [ baptisms,] and other [ sacramental] blessings. Elegant dining space and a covered portico are available for receptions. Spiritual day retreats have been held here by [ Orthodox Christians] from the Orthodox Church in America ([ OCA]) by neighboring [ Greek Orthodox] parishes, and by many other [ Orthodox Christian] groups.

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