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Holy Cross Monastery (Castro Valley, California)

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''Holy Cross Monastery from the East''
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'''About Holy Cross Monastery'''
[ Holy Cross Monastery] serves [ Orthodox Christians] of all ethnic backgrounds and all cultural traditions. Services are predominantly celebrated in English, but are often also heard in [ Romanian,] [ Slavonic] (Old Bulgarian), and [ Greek.] Many Orthodox Christians with roots in [ Romania] and [ Bulgaria] regularly attend services at the [ monastery.] Orthodox faithful of all backgrounds come here for [ weddings,] [ baptisms,] and other [ sacramental] blessings. Elegant dining space and a covered portico are available for receptions. Spiritual day retreats have been held here by [ Orthodox Christians] from the Orthodox Church in America ([ OCA]) by neighboring [ Greek Orthodox] parishes, and by many other [ Orthodox Christian] groups.
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'''Schedule of Services'''
Services which are open to the general public are listed above. Other [ liturgical offices] are reserved for the [ monks] and may be attended by special arrangement.
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'''Contact Information:'''
''E-mail:'' — ''Web:''
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'''Monastery Background'''
[ Monasticism] itself arose out of this spiritual fervor and devotion of the early [ Christian Church]. The [ monastic life] has always been an honored path for men and women to "deny themselves, take up their cross" and follow the Lord by devoting their lives to Him and becoming [ monks or nuns.] (cf. [ Matthew] 16:24). Taking vows of personal poverty, chastity, obedience and stability, they seek spiritual perfection by leading lives pleasing to Christ. In their imperfect way, they strive to serve him with a three-fold service of prayer, work and study. (For more on the [ scriptural] origins of [ monasticism,] see [ Come, Follow Me.])
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'''Early Beginnings'''

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