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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Apostles]] [[Apostle Erastus|Erastus]], [[Apostle Olympas|Olympas]], [[Apostle Herodian|Herodion]] (Rodion), [[Apostle Sosipater|Sosipater]], [[Apostle Quartus|Quartus]], and [[Apostle Tertius|Tertius]] of the Seventy; [[Martyr]] Orestes of Cappadocia<!-- Great-martyr --->; [[Saint]] Arsenius of Cappadocia; Saint Theocteristus, [[Abbot]] of Symbola on Mount Olympus; [[Hieromartyr]] Milos (Miles), [[Bishop]] of Persia, and his two [[disciple]]s Euoures the [[Presbyter]] and Seboes the [[Deacon]]; Saint Nonnus, Bishop of Heliopolis, who catechized St. Pelagia; Martyr Constantine, prince of Georgia; [[Great-martyr]] George of Iberia<!-- of Georgia? --->; Saint Justos, [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]; Martyrs Kallipios, Niros, and Orionos; Saint Martin, Bishop; Saint Aodh, Bishop of Meath; translation of the [[relics]] of Saint Gregory, presbyter, in Assos of Lesbos; translation of the relics of Saint [[Willibrord]]-Clement of Utrecht
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