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Little Russian Philokalia

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The "'''''Little Russian Philokalia''" ''' is a series of six books drawn from Russian sources and dedicated to Russian ascetic authors, chiefly of the 18th to 20th centuries. It is published by the [[St. Hermans Herman of Alaska Brotherhood]].
It is (to date*Vol. 1: Oct''St.2007) a series [[Seraphim of six books, drawn from Russian sources, which are dedicated to Russian ascetic authors, chiefly Sarov]]: Spiritual Instructions''*Vol. 2: ''Abbott Nazarius of the 18th to 20th centuries[[Valaam Monastery|Valaam]]: Counsels''*Vol.3: ''St. [[Herman of Alaska]]: Treasury of Spirituality''*Vol. 4: ''St. [[Paisius Velichkovsky]]: Field Flowers''*Vol. 5: ''Elder Theodore of Sanaxor: Sayings''*Vol. 6: ''Elder Zosima of Siberia: Special Wisdom''
Vol. 1: ''ST. SERAPHIMOF SAROV: Spiritual Instructions''==See also==*[[Philokalia]]
Vol. 2==External link==*[http: ''ABBOT NAZARIUS OF VALAAM: Counsels''// St. Herman of Alaska Press]
Vol. 3: ''ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA: Treasury of Spirituality''
Vol. 4[[Category: ''ST. PAISIUS VELICHKOVSKY: Field Flowers''Asceticism]] Vol. 5: ''ELDER THEODORE OF SANAXOR: Sayings'' Vol. 6: ''ELDER ZOSIMA OF SERBIA: Special Wisdom'' St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood can be contacted at:St. Herman Press10 Beegem Gorge Rd.P.O. Box 70, Dept. ANPlatina, CA 96076USA URL:[[UserCategory:Howdydave|howdydaveTexts]] 08:36, October 15, 2007 (PDT)

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